Sunday, November 1, 2015

The End to the Soccer Season...

We had our final soccer game yesterday.  It was blustery and damp, but it was only 1/2 games where the weather was questionable.  I'll take it.  I feel like we got away from a soccer season in the PNW rather unscathed.

Maeve enjoyed her soccer this season, and was way more involved this year than last.  She had great coaches that encouraged her and wanted the best from her.  It was good.  I'm sad that its over as we will no longer be playing with the boys next year...  we had gotten to know the kids and parents fairly well over these past couple of years.  

Because it was the final game of the season, of course there was a bit of a celebration afterwards, complete with soccer cookies, a soccer pinata, and a "Red Hot Tiger" stuffie.  It was quite the loot.  All I know is Maeve exerted herself way more trying to get her cookie and kick the pinata then she did on the actual soccer field.... 

Great season, Red Hot Tigers!

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