Saturday, November 28, 2015


Based on our last hair appointment, we were slightly apprehensive to how this appointment was going to go.  I didn't let on, knowing that someone would grab onto fear and run with it.  

As before, we went into the hair appointment with detangled hair, and I gave her magic medicine (ibuprofen) on the way in.  Thankfully, because the appointment was on a Tuesday, it was less chaotic than the weekend, and her stylist, LemLem, is just great and clearly good with kids.  Long story short -- Maeve did great.  Not one tear and her hair was done in just over 2 hours.  Her hair is so beautiful... and how on earth they can do squiggly cornrows, is beyond me.  

I was so proud of her.  Maeve was proud of herself too and LOVES her hair.

It does make her look older though... so, it matches the age that she wants to act sometimes.  Ha.

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