Friday, October 30, 2015

Tooth Fairy

Mark the date -- September 19, 2015, Maeve lost her first tooth.  Ewww... this whole phase of wobbly teeth and crazy mouths with wonky teeth is not my favorite.  I guess I better get over it... there are a lot more teeth departing that mouth in the near future.

So, after a soccer game, the kids were all wrestling -- Maeve said that her friend was doing the "Tickle Monster" and then her tooth just came out.  She was SO excited.  I'm not sure that correctly represents her feelings though... elated, overjoyed, gleeful?  Take your pick.  She finally joined the club that she was so desperate to join all year long.  I get a status update all the time of her friends who are losing teeth, how many teeth they have lost, and how they have lost them.  

Showing off her loot that she got from the Tooth Fairy

Now I realize now that I should have had Maeve wash her face before I took this picture, but it shows that she has shark teeth now -- her baby tooth in front while her adult tooth grows in behind.  Gross.

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