Thursday, October 29, 2015


Another fall, another season of soccer.  It is night and day this year from last.  Now, I'm not saying that Maeve is being scouted and a top player, but you know what -- she's in there, kicking the ball and actively involved.  Last year she pretty much avoided the soccer ball.  She does have one area that needs improving is whenever the other team gets the ball, she immediately turns her back and books it for the net... trying to protect it, instead of trying to get the ball away from them.  Ha ha.  I don't care.  The rule is that she needs to try hard and have fun.  I'd say that was achieved this year.  Of course it helps that she knew many of the players and coaches from last year, and two of her really good friends were on her team too.  There were some reminders that hugging was not appropriate during games.  Ha.


Girl power... representing 

Buds on and off the soccer field 

Obviously early in the season with the nice weather -- heading to the brewery post game was necessary :-) 

And we did manage an absolutely soggy game day.  It was super fun, despite water running down my back (while holding an umbrella).  

Go Red Hot Tigers... tomorrow is the last game.  It was a great season.

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