Friday, October 30, 2015

Sleepover Party!

So, we celebrated the return to school with a bit of a sleepover party.  Maeve is a sleepover junkie.  Asks for sleepovers all the time.  Loves to go to sleepovers.  Thinks there should be a sleepover every weekend.  So, since we're not sleepover rookies we just started inviting kid after kid.  These girls hang out at school all the time and all of them, except one, go to the same after-school care.  How hard could it be?

Well... it wasn't really hard, except getting only 2-3 kids asleep is different than getting 5 kids to sleep.  What I normally do at the hard line is just go in Maeve's room, tell them to go to sleep, and lay down for a minute with them and it works every time.  They just need to stop their bodies.  Well, with 5 kids there was fake snoring, and fake log rolls, arms flopping around, and giggling that would set the crew off again.  10pm they all fell asleep.  5:30am I heard a couple of kids awake.  Ummm, hell no.  I bolt out of bed, give them the look and told them it was not time to wake up.  That earned me 45 mins extra quiet and they were all up at 6:15am getting out all the musical instruments ready for a morning parade.  


Well, we all survived and the request for sleepovers continues as strong as ever...

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