Monday, October 19, 2015


The shock of the decade.  No one can quite believe that I caved and we now have a cat.  I was feeling badly that Maeve didn't have a pet and knew there was no way we would get a dog (too high maintenance), and then I started thinking about what other animals I would allow into our house.  I didn't want any type of rodent and a fish didn't sound very exciting -- and who was going to clean the fish tank.  Ew. So, we landed on a kitty.

Deciding on a name took a moment, and Taryn, Kate, Todd, and Stacy were highly invested too... there were lots of texts back and forth with everyone's ideas.  My goal was to get the name away from "Cutie Pie", "Sparkle", "Glitter"...  you know, that genre.  So, it was Maeve that actually offered the name, Ollie, from a book she has.  Perfect. Sold.

We found our perfect Ollie on Craigslist and brought him home at 6 weeks (I know, I know... very young.  Not our fault.  The owner was going away and needed homes for the kittens).  Fortunately he was a dream and transitioned very easily.  Now when I say he was a dream, I mean in every area except for what he's done to some of our furniture.  For example, the curtains.  RIP my nice non-snagged curtains.  Who knew they were meant for rope climbing. The couch also has a few snags it didn't have before.  When Ollie was tiny, he couldn't make the jump all the way, so it was like he was ice climbing with his pick.  He'd get half way and then just continue to work his way up.  Oh the sound of my couch getting snagged.  Nooooo!  My legs were apparently a good climbing pole also.  Feels really good when you're wearing shorts.  Ha.  But, we just love Ollie so much, even though he's so bad sometimes.  I was surprised by how much I loved him, since  I really got him for Maeve -- maybe its because he doesn't talk back to me or give me sass.  But really, I think he does give me sass.  He just looks at me and then does whatever he wants.  No one in my house listens to me.

Maeve loves him so much.  She's really sweet with him and its fun to see her with her own pet.  So, it was a good decision.  I'm happy we did it.  Now if he could stop biting me... that would be the best.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, he is adorable! I so want a cat but am in rental accommodation. I love how he seems happy stretched out in so many of the photos. You can get really nice scratching posts with platforms made out of driftwood up here in BC. I am sure you could find them in WA state. So good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

"No one in my house listens to me." HAHAHAHAHA!
Cheers to talking to yourself...;)