Friday, October 30, 2015

Hair (and Fashion)

We booked another appointment for a haircut and style a few weeks ago.  Hair is often difficult -- neither of our best comes out during some hair sessions, and I've decided I just need to bring Maeve to get her hair done more often.  She has a really tender head and complains a lot if she has tangles or gets her hair pulled, so to straighten her hair from root to tip by the hair dryer brush really hurts, despite all the time I spend in preparation for the appointment making sure her hair is detangled.  

The last time we came to the salon was in December and we were in the chair 3-4 hours.  This session Maeve was crying again and the salon owner decided that it was a bit too much and ended our session after the haircut.  I know Maeve has a tender head, but I think she has some anxiety about going, which amps things up.  We just need to go more often so that she gets used to it.  So, we have two more sessions booked for November and December.  We'll see.

Here are pictures of her at the salon with all her hair.  She has such beautiful hair and it hurt my heart to hear her say that she didn't want her hair because it hurt :-(.  On the flip side, so many people compliment her hair that I know that she is proud at the same time.  Hopefully the pride will continue to outweigh the hard things that come with maintaining her beautiful hair.

Poor girl was so exhausted that she just flopped over on the drive home 

When you have big beautiful hair, you need to go out and take pictures, right?

Even though that day was hard and I wanted to cry when they ended our session, the positive was that we managed to cut 5 inches off Maeve's hair.  She has a TON of hair, and it has been getting harder and harder to manage.  Her hair would just tangle instantaneously.  With her shorter hair we decided to put "magic puffs" in (mostly because neither of us had the energy to endure any major hair style that day).  Typically she dreads almost right away, but not now, thankfully.  Happily we just do a major detangle every week and she keeps requesting magic puffs.  We're both pretty happy about it.  Rock your big beautiful hair, Maeve.  Clearly she is a rockstar :-).

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Those are AMAZiNG photos! Like celebrity amazing - haha!