Friday, October 30, 2015

Grade 1

Because there was a teacher strike at the start of the school year, all the parents were scrambling to figure out child care for their kids.  Maeve spent one day at work with me, but then split her time at day camp and then Gran came to the rescue -- Gran Camp.  It was great and really, we were spared a longer strike then I think I was dreading.  Go teachers - I'm glad they finally paid you.  We all survived 6 days.

Maeve at work with me.  I wish she would learn how to relax -- she's so uptight all the time.  Ha

Woot Woot... here's to another great year! 

Maeve and I are both thrilled by what teacher she was assigned this year.  Maeve talks about him all the time and he really inspires her learning.  Happy child.  Happy mom. 

It also helps that Maeve has several good friends in her class too 

Maeve loves to hug.  Can you tell?  How lucky that Maeve has so many great friends at her school.

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