Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Little Catch Up

Where to even begin... there is a weight on my shoulders since I haven't updated the blog in so long, but as I've said before, with the job switch 15 months ago, the blog took a major hit.  But, since my intention of keeping the blog alive is to give Maeve a sense of what her childhood was like, I will make a better effort of capturing the big moments.  I have literally no memory -- so this may be a lost year.  Oops.  Poor Maeve.  Ha.

Okay... Maeve's 6th birthday back in May.  Its so hard to believe she is 6 already.  She anticipated her birthday party for MONTHS.  And, how much stress is it pulling off a birthday party and inviting friends without feeling like you've left anyone out of the wide circles of friends she now has with school, after-school program, and our long-time friends.  Next year I'm going to try and convince Maeve that only 1-2 friends is a great idea.  Since she's already talking about her next birthday, I'm  hoping to lay these foundations early.  Ha.

Maeve had a magical forest party, which involved dressing up and face paint.  The kids were transported to an imaginary make-believe land, which resulted in my friend, Amy, and I giving each other confused looks.  I think they may have joined a cult.  I'm not totally sure though.  Apparently you need to be 6 to understand... but they had fun, so there  you have it.  Ha.

One thing is for sure -- Maeve is lucky to have so many nice friends.  Here's to another great year... let's hope this one doesn't fly by as quickly as 5 did.

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