Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stacy's Birthday Weekend

Well, back in 2014 in the month of November, Todd, Stacy, Taryn, and Kate came down for our annual Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas Tree/Stacy's birthday weekend.  I love this weekend.  We hole up and Maeve glows...  she LOVES her cousins so much, and teases her Aunt and Uncle too.  

Footie jammies all-round (except for Taryns' footies, that is)

There was a lot of crafting -- our house was a snow storm full of snowflakes by the end of the weekend.

Maeve has a way of getting everyone involved in her dress-up fun...

Maeve hard at work writing her letter to Santa...

To: Santa
What I would like for Christmas is 
1.  Elsa light-up shoes, please.
2.  Anna and Elsa lipstick!  Thank you!
3.  Nail polish from all the princesses (colors of their dresses).
Thank you.

Birthday girl gets a birthday cake.  Happy birthday, Stacy!

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