Thursday, February 26, 2015


I had to attend a conference in San Diego for 6 days, so I decided the easiest thing to do was fly both of us down to my Mom's in Arizona, and hand delivery her grandchild to look after while I was gone.  I was able to bookend my trip in Arizona and spend some time with everyone, with the knowledge that Maeve was going to be having a great time in the sun, swimming, eating more treats than she could imagine, and spending time with her relatives.

 Her Great Uncle Reg took her swimming every day.  Her Great Auntie Sally also went swimming with her every day too, I think -- lucky girl.

My Grandma took orders before we showed up and baked my favorite cookies.  So, we obviously came for visits often.  This is the 'before' 

And, this is the 'after' -- of just one visit from Maeve and I.  I don't claim to have any self control, and I KNOW that Maeve has none.    

At Grandma B's for a competitve game of Uno 

OMG -- Grandma B is cheating!  Ha Ha.  Or, Maeve is showing her all her cards... could be that. 

 I love this picture.

Golf cart selfies... the weather was fantastic. 

Maeve in position, eating her breakfast. 

The sunsets are always so pretty.. Maeve talks about Arizona sunsets all year round. 

 And, then I found myself in San Diego "conferencing".  It was so fun.

We managed to take in the beach at the end of our stay 

I mean, we had to digest all that we'd learned over the past week... 

 My co-workers and partners in crime

Finishing up the trip back in Arizona (or me, at least). 

Lots of pool action... 

Fresh squeezed orange juice.  I'm pretty sure her's didn't have champagne it in... pretty sure. 

A family brunch on our last day...  

4 generations of hands... 

4 generations of people.  How lucky are we?

Thanks Mom and Jamie for looking after the wee one... 

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