Thursday, February 26, 2015

Heritage Night

There's nothing like being gone for 10 days and finally opening up the homework instructions for the month of February to realize that the float the kids have been working on for the last 2 weeks was due the next morning... and its already 7pm at night.  Aghhh!  "Quick, Maeve -- color, cut tape!".  We even found ourselves at the local drug store at 7:45am picking up our online photos that needed to be cut and taped onto the float.  But we did it. 

 Kindergaren Float Parade.  It was darn cute.  Let me tell you... there were an awful lot of kindergarteners who did not make their own float, however. 

Then there was an art gallery back in the classroom.  Maeve wore her Ethiopian dress that day and we even participated in the Potluck Heritage Night at school (read: going to the local Ethiopian restaurant and getting take out).  It was an all round success and quite fun, once we got past the panicked creation of a float.  Ha.

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