Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We FINALLY did it.  I booked an appointment about 2 years past our original attempt at a professional hair cut and style, and it was a success this time.  Maeve may not call it a success, since it was really hard for her and, all in all, it took 4 hours, but thankfully she was happy with the end result.  Phew.  At this point she says she's not going back... I'll have to start working on her again.  Ha.

The innocent smile before we started... she was premeded with tylenol and ibuprofen and the iPad was brought for distraction....

Her hair was totally detangled and banded when we showed up, which helped a lot.  I can't imagine how this would've gone down otherwise.  She has a really tender head.  

The poor thing cried for most of the straightening process.  They straightened her hair with a blow dryer with a brush attachment.  Despite being detangled to start, her hair tangles instantaneously, and they needed to comb it from root to tip.  It hurt.  For most of the straightening I had to hold her hand and she was too upset to even think about being distracted by the iPad.  Near the end of straightening she finally gave in.  Phew.

I knew her hair was this long, but it was so fun to see it all straight like this...  The girl has a ton of hair.

She would look at herself and barely believe it was her...  it was the only time that she would crack a slight smile.

Just tolerating it... not super happy about it.   They took 2 inches off.

She looks impressed, right?

The cornrows definitely hurt, but they look so cool, I think even Maeve said it was worth it.

This is her rockstar shot.  Thankfully they were really fast with the twists.

The end result

Adorable.  We were both so happy with her hair...

I guess I'd best enjoy the pictures, it may be a while before I convince her to go back :-)

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that is how long her hair is!! OMG!
Can't wait to see you both in person…
Lv, CT