Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We love to double dip with the Thanksgivings.  I see now why US Thanksgiving is such a hit -- every year I embrace it more and more.  We love our annual tradition of Todd, Stacy, Taryn, and Kate coming down for the weekend.  This year, Stacy's sister, Jodie, joined us too.  The more the merrier.  Maeve was so excited.  She loves her cousins so much... her aunts and uncle are pretty good too --  and she just loves the attention and chaos that comes with having everyone coming to stay...

This pretty much sums up the weekend.  Maeve is thankful for her family, kitten, and cousins.

Pumpkin Pie making...  

Getting the meal all ready.... 

We all wrote down what we are thankful for -- Maeve read them all off

All the Thanksgiving Players

Its hard to be Ollie and Maeve

Getting festive!

We found our perfect tree today...

Uh oh.  So far so good.  I half expect to come home one day and find the tree on the ground.  Let's hope my expectations are foiled.

Maeve could not wait to put the star on the tree

Our perfect tree... Ornaments only covering the top 2/3 of tree because of said kitty...


Another highlight to our weekend is that its Stacy's birthday weekend too... We celebrated her with a birthday loaf.  Ha ha.  The girls were in charge of baking while the adults went to a movie last night. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone...  

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Based on our last hair appointment, we were slightly apprehensive to how this appointment was going to go.  I didn't let on, knowing that someone would grab onto fear and run with it.  

As before, we went into the hair appointment with detangled hair, and I gave her magic medicine (ibuprofen) on the way in.  Thankfully, because the appointment was on a Tuesday, it was less chaotic than the weekend, and her stylist, LemLem, is just great and clearly good with kids.  Long story short -- Maeve did great.  Not one tear and her hair was done in just over 2 hours.  Her hair is so beautiful... and how on earth they can do squiggly cornrows, is beyond me.  

I was so proud of her.  Maeve was proud of herself too and LOVES her hair.

It does make her look older though... so, it matches the age that she wants to act sometimes.  Ha.

1, 2, 3, 4...

...Maeve declares a thumb war (watch out... she can cheat occasionally.  Ha).

Frozen on Ice

Dan emailed me about 8 or 9 months ago asking me if I thought Maeve would still like Frozen in November 2015.  Ummm... I think so?  Reason being, he wanted to take Maeve on a special date, and therefore he secured the tickets nice and early. So, Maeve and Dan took off on their date, and to be honest, I think Maeve was equally excited about all the snacks she knew Dan would buy for her.  He definitely spoils her.  At intermission she had eaten popcorn, licorice, and a snow cone.  She came home with her impressively bright and flashy Frozen wand, a new Frozen fleece blanket, and a new Elsa cup.  It was as if she just went to Disneyland.  I'd say it was a hit.

Thanks, Dan for caring and taking Maeve on a special date.

Its really a good thing that I don't have a seizure disorder, as it would poorly controlled with the amount of strobe lighting in my world now.

School Picture

Can you stand it?!  When does the fake smile go away?  Glad I bought a photo package...  Ha.

L Squared

Lisa took Maeve on a date and took these fun pictures of Maeve and Lyle.  Thanks, Lisa, for investing in Maeve and me...  

Girls Weekend...

A few weeks ago, my mom offered to take Maeve for the weekend before she flew south for the winter.  Obviously, I jumped at the chance, queried the girls to see who wanted to spend the weekend away from their kids too, and low and behold, we gathered seven of us.  How quickly we jump at the chance to get away from our kids?  Ha.  Jeff and Janey so kindly lent us their beach house for the weekend, so voila, a plan was in place.  

Melanie and Leann arrived first and promptly made jello shots, and the scene was set.  Ha ha.  Honestly, it was such a fun weekend.  We are all gamers and spent almost our whole weekend playing games and just talking.  I think there was maybe one movie played, and I think maybe I was most definitely asleep during that movie....  

I am so grateful for our posse.  I can't imagine not having them in my life.

And, this is the only picture I have.  I have a couple more, but I'm not allowed to post them due to loungewear and bed head, apparently (I posted them on instagram for a total of 60 seconds and was immediately yelled at and forced to delete them.  I thought they were fun.  Who knew they were so vain?)  Ha.  So... just believe me -- we had a great time.

Back at  home, Maeve and my mom had a great weekend.  The only misbehaving family member was this innocent looking feline.  How could sweet Ollie do anything wrong??  Ha ha.  Sorry, mom.  I've had a chat with him, and he promises to behave better next time.  

Free Hair

I feel like we're very focused on hair these days, which is not terribly unusual, but I just had to snap a picture of Maeve's hair a few weeks ago after it had been detangled and ready to style.  I mean, seriously, could her free hair be any cuter than that?  With her recent hair cut, it has lightened her hair and it appears a lot shorter to me.  I love it.  I need to get brave enough to go after free hair again, but I also need Maeve to be equally on board, because its a bit high maintenance, and involves a lot of tangles in the end... but I think it would be worth it.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year, Maeve decided she was going to be a lemur.  She received these hand-me-down dance outfits from Taryn and Kate and decided this one looked like a lemur -- and I was happy to play along. Perfect.  Costume -- check.  I was also happy it was rather a creative idea that she came up with on her own, and we weren't on the princess pathway again.  So, Maeve the lemur was on the loose yesterday evening.

We decided to stick around our neighborhood this year -- we now have a collection of cool and fun friends that we've made over the last year from school.  We had a little pre-funk at Amber's place and the kids ran wild with excitement.  And then we let them loose on the streets (well, not really... but you know what I mean).  I gave Maeve strict instructions, that she actually followed this year --- go for the chocolate, not the hard candy.  Maeve loves Halloween and ran from house to house... she earned herself some running credit.  Between the trick-or-treating and stopping in a street party, we didn't get home until 9:30pm.  My little lemur was tuckered out -- thankfully we stopped intermittently throughout the night to "re-charge"with candy.  Its only Halloween one night of the year -- my philosophy is just go for it.  Eat  your candy...

But, now that Halloween is over... I think its mostly my candy now :-)

This is the "Scary Halloween Lemur" version, apparently.

Our trick-or-treating crew... 

The loot... 

 Sugar coma...

I think Halloween should always fall on Saturday with Day Light Savings always being the next day.  Today was the best lounge day. 

The End to the Soccer Season...

We had our final soccer game yesterday.  It was blustery and damp, but it was only 1/2 games where the weather was questionable.  I'll take it.  I feel like we got away from a soccer season in the PNW rather unscathed.

Maeve enjoyed her soccer this season, and was way more involved this year than last.  She had great coaches that encouraged her and wanted the best from her.  It was good.  I'm sad that its over as we will no longer be playing with the boys next year...  we had gotten to know the kids and parents fairly well over these past couple of years.  

Because it was the final game of the season, of course there was a bit of a celebration afterwards, complete with soccer cookies, a soccer pinata, and a "Red Hot Tiger" stuffie.  It was quite the loot.  All I know is Maeve exerted herself way more trying to get her cookie and kick the pinata then she did on the actual soccer field.... 

Great season, Red Hot Tigers!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Carving Party

Our neighbors have a play street permit, so every Thursday the street can be closed off for our own personal block party.  Tonight it was shut down for a pumpkin carving party.  We love our neighbors -- we feel like we have found our people and love our community.

This is the first year that Maeve really invested in the pumpkin carving... she also drew the faces on the pumpkins.  I appreciated the classic approach :-)

The final product.. 

The requisite Maeve and pumpkin photo.

Maeve is super excited about Halloween.  Six is a fantastic age -- the energy and excitement around everything is infectious.  Bring it.


I just love all these pictures -- they just tell a bit of the story of who Maeve is.  It shows her personality and her sense of style.  Though she blatantly ignores me half the time (I swear I am Charlie Brown's teacher to her), she is so much fun and funny.  Ha.  I love watching her with her friends --as she is in her element and is often dancing, or shaking her hips... she is always excited about a plan and loves being part of a posse.

I hope she always finds joy in life and is her own person...