Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Day in the LIfe...

Okay... I have a sheet of paper with funny and real-time things that are being said around here these days by this crazy and lovable character.

I feel like I say that Maeve talks like a tween all the time now, but I swear, she's perfecting it every day.  Its fascinating to me since she doesn't watch any of the tween shows, and therefore she must be honing in on these skill from school.  The words usually accompany eye rolls and dramatic sighs too.

Here are the top sayings:
  1. "Oh my gosh... oh my gosh... oh my gosh" x1000 per day.  Oh my gosh, Maeve.  Find something new to say.
  2. "Seriously??"  I think I know where she picked that up.  Guilty.  
  3. "For crying out loud....."  Ummm..  I think maybe I may have introduced that phrase during our quest to get out the door on time one day.  Whoops.
  4. "Whatever..." Equally charming...
  5. "Stupid" -- I'm working on that one.  Its an uphill battle.
  6. "Hate" -- again, we're working on that one too.
  7. "Actually....."
  8. "N n n n n no no no...." if she disagrees with you
  9. "This is easy for me" 
  10. If you say that she's five and a quarter, she will correct you to say she's five and one quarter.  Although now she's really excited to be five and a half in a couple of weeks.  She'll probably say that she's five and one half though.  Ha.
  11. "Its true, its true... the President said so!"
  12. When corrected, she says, "yeah, that's what I said"

Other funny things:

"Hallelujah, I hate this song"

Maeve: I don't like xxxxx's brother"
Me:  Those don't sound like kind words, what makes you say that?
Maeve: His hair doesn't match his head.
Me:  "Maeve did you eat your vegetables in your lunch today?"
Maeve:  "Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY forgot.... I'm serious!"
Me:  "Shocking"

Maeve:  Can we buy this Barbie book???
Me:  No
Maeve:  Why?
Me:  I don't like Barbie
Maeve:  Then you can read a book that you choose

I love that she calls her friend, Cassandra, "Callasandra"

I also love that she still calls McDonalds "Old McDonald"

Whenever something is missing, she tells me all the time to "retrace my steps"

She is constantly telling tall tales about all the things she did in Ethiopia when she was a baby...  Its pretty sweet.

Maeve is very competitive when it comes to games and will now try and cheat to win.  But, she lives with a competitive mother who refuses to play when there is cheating involved.  Sometimes its not our finest moment.  Ha.

She still throws a bunch of numbers and different forms of measurements together, which make no sense at all.  Usually I just nod and agree.

She is singing Christmas carols already -- we've had to look up the lyrics to the 12 days of Christmas several times now.
Drawing a Christmas Tree...

Life is full-on and interesting these days... and there is never a dull moment.  I wouldn't have it any other way :-)


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