Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Star Soccer Player...

So, how is soccer going?  Well, I think its a success.  Now, note that my bar is quite low.  I'm not looking for a super star, I'm looking for Maeve to get out there and run, play a team sport, acquire a few skills along the way, and have fun.  She has made strides from the start of September until now.  She now is willing to try and kick the ball during the games and she generally enjoys it.  

She doesn't enjoy working hard a lot yet... we'll have to work on that a bit.  But, she has some friends on the team now, and I know that she enjoys being a part of something.

Fall soccer finally hit here...  But, it was the last game, so there's no complaints.

Here are a couple classic Maeve moments.  She will kick the ball, but doesn't quite want to get into the thick of it yet.  And she sort of skips around the field.  Ha.

Between plays, she was very focused on getting the dirt out of her cleats... 

 She said the dirt was slowing her down.  Ha ha.

WW girls unite.  Celebrating the last game with pizza and soccer cookies....

One of Maeve's new besties -- we've signed them up for winter soccer together.  We have to remind them that hugging is for the sidelines, and not during the game.  Ha.

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