Sunday, October 26, 2014

Musically Minded?

Maeve's world has exploded in so many different areas.  She has 100% fully embraced learning how to read, do math, and participate in class activities.  Its fun to see her so excited and in the thick of it all.  One other area that she's really enjoying are her musical activities.  With her after school program -- drama, voice, dance, yoga, and piano activities, are all included.  She has also just started private piano lessons, with the same teacher at this program, in addition to her group lessons.  She is definitely starting to play on the piano purposely and starting to understand how to read music.  She is also a part of her school choir, and she loves that.  So, now she is constantly using whatever type of stick she can find to beat to the music, and sing, and dance throughout the day.  Its fun to see....

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