Sunday, September 14, 2014


Watch out other team.. #2 is going to be a bit afraid of you.  Ha ha.  Hey, I'm happy to say that Maeve is a soccer player and having fun playing on her new team.  We sort of stopped soccer when they actually got a chance to kick the ball a couple of years ago, but I wanted to get her back into it.  We have joined our local league, and I have to say.... there are some serious soccer players at 5 years old.  I sort of just anticipated watching all the kids just follow the ball and jab at it every now and then.  Nope.  At least half of them can dribble, pass the ball, and score frequently.  There's a girl on Maeve's team that is working on her flip toss (I'm totally saying that wrong...). 

Anyway, Maeve is starting to get more confident and is happy to see her new friends that are also in her kindergarten year at school every time.  We had free, black, cleats we were able to use.... nope.  No way was Maeve going to wear those.  So, there I was with smoke coming off my credit card buying the pinkest cleats, to match her socks, that we could find.

Go Maeve!!

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