Monday, September 1, 2014

Lopez with the Jonesies...

One cannot complain when your friends decide to rent a house on Lopez for most of the month of August... because, that is when you can become a freeloader and crash said rental house with your good friends :-).  Thank you Amy and Brent for the invite, we LOVED our weekend up at Lopez a couple of weeks ago.  

It was a beautiful weekend and a perfect day for a ferry ride. 

The cutest little house on Lopez... 

I'd say that the three of them were friends, but they really acted like siblings all weekend.  When it was great, it was great.  When it wasn't, well.... let's just say that my child can be DRAMATIC when things aren't going her way.  The teens are going to be awesome.   

At least, I mostly only remember the great parts of the weekend :-) 

Who doesn't love a water balloon fight? 

Ummm.  Maybe you should duck, Maeve.  Ha. 

The view...  It was just, meh.

The sunsets and wine o'clock were just okay too...

Crab pots.  It was our own version of Deadliest Catch.  Man, did we eat well this weekend.   

Oh, and thanks for a having a boat too, Amy and Brent. 

Chasing deer in our yard...  (I love that I'm calling it 'our yard').  Ha.

The beach was their backyard.  Just out for a morning walk. 

Great time with great friends.   Thanks again, Amy and Brent :-)

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