Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye Preschool... Hello Kindergarten.

Maeve had her last day of preschool a couple of weeks ago and we had to say goodbye to a lot of her friends and great teachers along the way.  These three amigos are the best of friends, and I know we're going to need to find a way to keep in touch now that everyone is heading to different kindergartens.

I am happy to say that Maeve is FINALLY excited about kindergarten.  Hallelujah (Maeve always tells me I say Hallelujah, but sometimes it feels like things need to be celebrated).  The turning point?  The pre-planned playground play dates that invite all incoming kindergarteners to play, so that they can meet some other incoming kindergarteners throughout the month of August.  Maeve had been saying all summer that she wasn't going to kindergarten.  Was MAD when it was brought up.  On the day of the first play date, she was so angry that I said we were going that she took an unopened (thankfully) apple sauce container and threw it across the room and had a blood curdling scream.  Wow.  Sorry neighbors.  I finally was able to have her lay on my lap while I rubbed her back and she just sobbed.  Poor thing.  I bribed her to go to simply just play on the playground, nothing more.  She finally agreed.  As we were walking in, I pointed out this other little girl who was going to the playground that was wearing the same dress that Maeve owns too.  That was it.  Maeve went over to her and they totally became buds that night.  The two of them became friends with another sweet little girl, and now Maeve is SO excited.  We have had several play dates now with the girls and one of them is even in Maeve's class we found out.

Thank goodness for new friends with the same dress.

So, we start in two days.  We can't wait.... I'm excited for this next chapter of our lives, and Maeve is really excited now too.  I'm going to say it again, Hallelujah.

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joseph09 said...

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