Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten... Check!

It finally happened.  The extremely long build up to kindergarten came to end this morning.  Last night I put out her new pet, Pinky and hung the banner.  I stole into Maeve's room and watched her sleep.  The little girl is growing up quickly, and although there are lots of moments that I want to keep her little, I just find her growing up self so fascinating, that I love seeing her grow into this fun, stubborn, hilarious, dramatic, expressive person.  I wasn't sad to see her go to kindergarten.  I was mostly excited.  I mean, its kindergarten... how fun is that?  But, I get it.  She's in it... she's in the system.  That part I don't love, but I guess it is what it is.

Welcome to the family, Pinky.

Dream big, little girl..

So happy... until I said we should take a picture under her banner.

But, she would take a photo with an owl perched on her wrist... ha.

Requisite photo... So so happy and proud.

She has a pound of chapstick on too...

She found one of her new friends at the front of the school waiting to go in too...

Obediently doing her very first kindergarten task -- decorate her name tag for her desk, with a new box of crayons that were waiting for her on her desk.

Her other new friend... they discovered they get to sit back-to-back in their classroom.  That could be trouble!  Ha. 

Maeve came with an entourage -- me, my mom, Annie and Dan.  Its hard to be Maeve :-)

It was a great day, and Maeve is one proud kindergartener...  It has begun.

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