Sunday, September 14, 2014


I am so lucky to have such a supportive and helpful family.  I don't have pictures to accompany most of the help that I've received recently, but its been pretty amazing how my family has stepped up to help this past month.  We make fun of our own family traits, but at the end of the day, we are there for each other.  As we joked about today, I'm more of the taker than the giver at the moment... ha.  But, someone's got to give and someone's got to take.  I mean, if it has to be me, so be it :-)

Before kindergarten started, Maeve was pretty anxious and generally wanted me close by.  Well, there was a week at the end of the summer that I didn't have child care.  So Maeve headed to Vancouver for a total of 3 nights, and I owe my Dad and Lynn a bottle of scotch, I'm pretty sure.  They took care and entertained a little homesick child.  Poor thing, but I'm sure that felt like a long 3 days for all involved.  My mom and Jamie also had Maeve for a night, which was also super helpful.  I brought my niece, Taryn, down to do some babysitting for me too, so the week was patched together and Maeve got some serious family time in.

My mom answered the call for help with the slow start kindergarten happening, and stayed nine nights. Not only was she awesome to help cover watching Maeve during the middle of the day, between Kindergarten and her after school program, she cooked up a storm and did a ton of errands.  I always acquire more kitchen gadgets on these types of visits too.  We're set.

The last three weekends, Stacy and Taryn have been down, and two of those weekends, Todd and Kate also joined in on the fun.  We got school shopping done, my desk is organized, my pantry  organized, my garburator is fixed, my garage is clean, my BBQ is fixed, I have a new desk chair, my toilet is fixed.  AND..... I have a new shed!  We have a little bit more work left of the shed, but its basically done (who knew how long it takes and how many parts go into building a shed?).  I mean, my family is a rock star.  Maeve and I are very lucky... 

Taryn... her cousin LOVES her. 

The part where we're having a lot of fun.  Ha.

Maeve wanted in on the action.  She came down with her tools and drill to 'help'. 

Who needs a roof.  This is good, right?  Beer time :-)

Almost done.  Let's hope that roof is still on there... 

In the middle of it all, Maeve had a soccer game that Taryn helped cheer at....


Ethiopia just celebrated their new year, and it is now 2007 with their calendar.  We were able to participate in the local celebrations for a little bit, with our friend, Lucy.  It was a really hot day, so we didn't last too long, but it was nice to see Maeve all dressed up and trying to dance along with the Ethiopian dancers.


Watch out other team.. #2 is going to be a bit afraid of you.  Ha ha.  Hey, I'm happy to say that Maeve is a soccer player and having fun playing on her new team.  We sort of stopped soccer when they actually got a chance to kick the ball a couple of years ago, but I wanted to get her back into it.  We have joined our local league, and I have to say.... there are some serious soccer players at 5 years old.  I sort of just anticipated watching all the kids just follow the ball and jab at it every now and then.  Nope.  At least half of them can dribble, pass the ball, and score frequently.  There's a girl on Maeve's team that is working on her flip toss (I'm totally saying that wrong...). 

Anyway, Maeve is starting to get more confident and is happy to see her new friends that are also in her kindergarten year at school every time.  We had free, black, cleats we were able to use.... nope.  No way was Maeve going to wear those.  So, there I was with smoke coming off my credit card buying the pinkest cleats, to match her socks, that we could find.

Go Maeve!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten... Check!

It finally happened.  The extremely long build up to kindergarten came to end this morning.  Last night I put out her new pet, Pinky and hung the banner.  I stole into Maeve's room and watched her sleep.  The little girl is growing up quickly, and although there are lots of moments that I want to keep her little, I just find her growing up self so fascinating, that I love seeing her grow into this fun, stubborn, hilarious, dramatic, expressive person.  I wasn't sad to see her go to kindergarten.  I was mostly excited.  I mean, its kindergarten... how fun is that?  But, I get it.  She's in it... she's in the system.  That part I don't love, but I guess it is what it is.

Welcome to the family, Pinky.

Dream big, little girl..

So happy... until I said we should take a picture under her banner.

But, she would take a photo with an owl perched on her wrist... ha.

Requisite photo... So so happy and proud.

She has a pound of chapstick on too...

She found one of her new friends at the front of the school waiting to go in too...

Obediently doing her very first kindergarten task -- decorate her name tag for her desk, with a new box of crayons that were waiting for her on her desk.

Her other new friend... they discovered they get to sit back-to-back in their classroom.  That could be trouble!  Ha. 

Maeve came with an entourage -- me, my mom, Annie and Dan.  Its hard to be Maeve :-)

It was a great day, and Maeve is one proud kindergartener...  It has begun.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye Preschool... Hello Kindergarten.

Maeve had her last day of preschool a couple of weeks ago and we had to say goodbye to a lot of her friends and great teachers along the way.  These three amigos are the best of friends, and I know we're going to need to find a way to keep in touch now that everyone is heading to different kindergartens.

I am happy to say that Maeve is FINALLY excited about kindergarten.  Hallelujah (Maeve always tells me I say Hallelujah, but sometimes it feels like things need to be celebrated).  The turning point?  The pre-planned playground play dates that invite all incoming kindergarteners to play, so that they can meet some other incoming kindergarteners throughout the month of August.  Maeve had been saying all summer that she wasn't going to kindergarten.  Was MAD when it was brought up.  On the day of the first play date, she was so angry that I said we were going that she took an unopened (thankfully) apple sauce container and threw it across the room and had a blood curdling scream.  Wow.  Sorry neighbors.  I finally was able to have her lay on my lap while I rubbed her back and she just sobbed.  Poor thing.  I bribed her to go to simply just play on the playground, nothing more.  She finally agreed.  As we were walking in, I pointed out this other little girl who was going to the playground that was wearing the same dress that Maeve owns too.  That was it.  Maeve went over to her and they totally became buds that night.  The two of them became friends with another sweet little girl, and now Maeve is SO excited.  We have had several play dates now with the girls and one of them is even in Maeve's class we found out.

Thank goodness for new friends with the same dress.

So, we start in two days.  We can't wait.... I'm excited for this next chapter of our lives, and Maeve is really excited now too.  I'm going to say it again, Hallelujah.

Artistic Freedom

We decided to have the kids paint rocks in Lopez, because, why not?  We appropriately stripped the kids down, and although they contained their artistic freedom a little, it brought back fond memories of a day almost 3 years ago when Maeve and Bennett were killing themselves laughing and then attacked poor innocent Clara... ha ha.

Lopez with the Jonesies...

One cannot complain when your friends decide to rent a house on Lopez for most of the month of August... because, that is when you can become a freeloader and crash said rental house with your good friends :-).  Thank you Amy and Brent for the invite, we LOVED our weekend up at Lopez a couple of weeks ago.  

It was a beautiful weekend and a perfect day for a ferry ride. 

The cutest little house on Lopez... 

I'd say that the three of them were friends, but they really acted like siblings all weekend.  When it was great, it was great.  When it wasn't, well.... let's just say that my child can be DRAMATIC when things aren't going her way.  The teens are going to be awesome.   

At least, I mostly only remember the great parts of the weekend :-) 

Who doesn't love a water balloon fight? 

Ummm.  Maybe you should duck, Maeve.  Ha. 

The view...  It was just, meh.

The sunsets and wine o'clock were just okay too...

Crab pots.  It was our own version of Deadliest Catch.  Man, did we eat well this weekend.   

Oh, and thanks for a having a boat too, Amy and Brent. 

Chasing deer in our yard...  (I love that I'm calling it 'our yard').  Ha.

The beach was their backyard.  Just out for a morning walk. 

Great time with great friends.   Thanks again, Amy and Brent :-)