Sunday, August 24, 2014

Torchlight Parade

Maeve enjoys a good parade, so we invited Anna and Lucy to join us at the Torchlight Parade this year.  We were rookies, but we new we needed to arrive a good 2.5 hrs in advance to get good curbside seats.  What we didn't know was that the parade would be 2.5 hrs long, which meant we sat on the pavement for 5 hours.  So, that's why most people had chairs...  Not just a hat rack.

 Anna brought a bag full of fun to keep the girls entertained.  The spray confetti was a big hit.

Decorating our spot. 

The Seattle "Seahawk" made an appearance during the parade... 

Maeve was entertained by all of it.  She danced and cheered all the way to 10pm.  So, it really is a torchlight  parade, then.  Go figure.

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