Sunday, August 10, 2014

Camp Side by Side 2014

Camp Side by Side was last week, and we were lucky to be able to volunteer and witness all the goodness of family camp.  This is a camp for families that have a child currently on therapy for cancer, or recently completed treatment.  It is a special place, and I have been lucky enough to be invited back year after year to volunteer on the medical team.  Maeve is lucky enough to be my daughter, and therefore enjoy all the fun that camp has to offer.  The theme this year was "Dude Ranch".  Awesome is right.  You can read more about the camp via the blog --  I also can't post photos of the kids or families attending the camp, so you get Maeve, mostly.

 Every child received their own horse.  Of course I can't remember what Maeve named hers... it changed frequently, to my credit.
3 years running -- Maeve and Josie were paired up as buddies.  How lucky is Maeve?? 

Slip and Slide! 

Bath.  Check. 

The Wilson kids, minus Sofie.  Fun times. 

Maeve got run over on her last slip and slide.  I don't think I need to tell you how she felt about that.   

We were ready to go to a hoedown that night.  No one was more ready than Maeve (or Pax, but darn it, I don't have any shots of his awesome outfits, sadly). 

Flippin' her dress around...  she means business. 

'Howdy, partner' 


Such good buds, Beck and Maeve. 

She mastered the slide.  She even got a little award crowning her the "Waterslide Queen"... 

Fun in the pool with Fiona... 

Pool turned Spray Park 

Midway through the week, Josie acquired another buddy -- Beckett.  Maeve could not be more thrilled to have Beckett join in on all her fun with Josie.

Carnival Day! 

Brodie character giving her a sopping wet hug (he was just out of the dunk tank) 

No carnival is complete without face painting... 

...or a balloon artist. 

Maeve and Emma went on a horse ride together.  Maeve was so tired at this point of the week... 

But managed to rally and end strong.

Camp Side by Side is a special place and I'm so thankful it exist.  How lucky that I can volunteer alongside some of my best friends also.  We are the lucky ones.

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O.M.G. - the cowgirl!!!! Adorable.
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