Sunday, August 24, 2014

Laundry 101

Most of the time, Maeve is appalled at my lack of 'dress up'.  Up until a couple of months ago, I would wear scrubs to work, and then it would just be my regular casual clothes.  Nothing that required much work.  Turns out that my child has missed out on some of the basics- 

 The other day, Maeve pointed to the mini ironing board and said, "Cool!!  Can I use that in the water??"

I typically have the habit of draping clothes over the shower curtains etc... because I'm quite lazy.  But yesterday I was feeling energetic and pulled out the drying rack.  Well, who knew it would be such a hit.  Maeve was so excited about it, she invited Shill, who was over for dinner, to venture upstairs to see it.  

Sorry Maeve.  I will try to do better.  No promises.


Torchlight Parade

Maeve enjoys a good parade, so we invited Anna and Lucy to join us at the Torchlight Parade this year.  We were rookies, but we new we needed to arrive a good 2.5 hrs in advance to get good curbside seats.  What we didn't know was that the parade would be 2.5 hrs long, which meant we sat on the pavement for 5 hours.  So, that's why most people had chairs...  Not just a hat rack.

 Anna brought a bag full of fun to keep the girls entertained.  The spray confetti was a big hit.

Decorating our spot. 

The Seattle "Seahawk" made an appearance during the parade... 

Maeve was entertained by all of it.  She danced and cheered all the way to 10pm.  So, it really is a torchlight  parade, then.  Go figure.

Enjoying our City

We have had a phenomenal summer.  Its been hot and sunny almost every single day.  So, its hard to stay inside when its nice outside.  We made it a point to stay home a couple more weekends this summer than we usually do, so we enlisted Amy and Clara on a a little hike.


Maeve is very much not interested in getting her picture taken these days.  So, she has become the photographer... 

Down down we go.  We won't focus on the whining and crying that occurred on the way back up...  

Low tide.  Perfect for exploring. 

Yay for summer and friends.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fundango - Part 2

We drove our car straight out of Camp Side by Side north to Lake Whatcom on Friday, to participate in Fundango weekend, Part 2.  Mike's parent's so kindly purchased a house on the lake, and we wanted to check it out for them... Ha.  It was a perfect weekend full of friends, and it was hot and sunny too.  I feel so lucky to have so many circles of quality friends...

Our Saturday gang.  Jon, Shannon, Noah, Caleb, and Misha joined in on the fun today.   

They discovered rowing was hard work.  This didn't last very long. 

Lakes are just so fun...  


I seriously want to steal Oliver.   

This is more like it, say the kids.... 

Thanks for the end of a great holiday week....  We are adequately tired from all our fun.

Fishing... Camp SBS Style...

Maeve and Josie were master fisherwomen...  I think this whole series of shots took a matter of 30 seconds to capture.  Josie is a great buddy and these two are so cute together :-)

Camp Side by Side 2014

Camp Side by Side was last week, and we were lucky to be able to volunteer and witness all the goodness of family camp.  This is a camp for families that have a child currently on therapy for cancer, or recently completed treatment.  It is a special place, and I have been lucky enough to be invited back year after year to volunteer on the medical team.  Maeve is lucky enough to be my daughter, and therefore enjoy all the fun that camp has to offer.  The theme this year was "Dude Ranch".  Awesome is right.  You can read more about the camp via the blog --  I also can't post photos of the kids or families attending the camp, so you get Maeve, mostly.

 Every child received their own horse.  Of course I can't remember what Maeve named hers... it changed frequently, to my credit.
3 years running -- Maeve and Josie were paired up as buddies.  How lucky is Maeve?? 

Slip and Slide! 

Bath.  Check. 

The Wilson kids, minus Sofie.  Fun times. 

Maeve got run over on her last slip and slide.  I don't think I need to tell you how she felt about that.   

We were ready to go to a hoedown that night.  No one was more ready than Maeve (or Pax, but darn it, I don't have any shots of his awesome outfits, sadly). 

Flippin' her dress around...  she means business. 

'Howdy, partner' 


Such good buds, Beck and Maeve. 

She mastered the slide.  She even got a little award crowning her the "Waterslide Queen"... 

Fun in the pool with Fiona... 

Pool turned Spray Park 

Midway through the week, Josie acquired another buddy -- Beckett.  Maeve could not be more thrilled to have Beckett join in on all her fun with Josie.

Carnival Day! 

Brodie character giving her a sopping wet hug (he was just out of the dunk tank) 

No carnival is complete without face painting... 

...or a balloon artist. 

Maeve and Emma went on a horse ride together.  Maeve was so tired at this point of the week... 

But managed to rally and end strong.

Camp Side by Side is a special place and I'm so thankful it exist.  How lucky that I can volunteer alongside some of my best friends also.  We are the lucky ones.