Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tortoise and the Hare

I make reference to the tortoise and the hare quite a bit.  I know that the tortoise is more clever and outsmarts the hare, but I generally have used it as an example of how SLOW Maeve moves.  I mean, it is slower than slow.  But, the girl is clever, so it really does fit.  For example, as we were leaving the other day, I was impatiently urging her to buckle herself into her booster seat.  I told her she was moving like a tortoise.... at this point she claims she can't do it and needs my help.  So, with a deep sigh, I unbuckle, and get out of the driver's seat to get her sorted.  When I buckle her in, she excitedly chimes out, "Now you're the tortoise and I'm the hare!... I'm the first one buckled and you're last!"

The other morning I was asking her about swim lessons and this and that.  And, well, I know better, because she's not a morning person.  I am not either, but I had been up longer and was one coffee in, so I was in a better place than she was.  So, I said to her, "Okay, I've got one last question -- will you answer it?"  To which she replied - "No, because you just asked it".

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