Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Preschool Graduation

Well, now its obvious that I'm operating at about a 4 week delay.....

About a month ago, Maeve graduated from Preschool.  I mean, she's still going through the summer, but now as alumni.  Ha.  And, the irony wasn't lost on me that my fashionista, who dresses to the nines most days, chose to look like a ragamuffin on her 'Graduation Day'.  Nope, could not get her to follow along with the nautical theme.  Nope, couldn't convince her to look like she made an effort... It was her prerogative as to what she wore, and she choose the opposite of what she figured I wanted.  Ha.  So classic.  I mean, I really don't care, I just find the humor in it all, and I also see the foreshadowing of years ahead.

So proudly stepping forward when her name was called. 

She loves her teacher, Erin. 

The graduate, and her 'diploma' 

Some of her besties -- Lumia and Ellie with Teacher Erin.

 Another favorite teacher -- DJ

 All the goofy graduates.

Maeve is gearing up for kindergarten in the fall, but don't really bring it up -- she's not going.  So she says.  I used to pooh-pooh people in years past when I heard them give so much attention to their kids going to kindergarten.  Its kindergarten, people.... seriously.  And now that I've got a child heading into kindergarten, I'm like, 'ooohhhhhhh... now I get it'.  Ha.  Its a huge change in these little kids worlds.  Her daycare is the only thing Maeve has known since she was 8 months old.  She is a queen bee, and everyone knows her.  Now there's all this chatter about leaving, some of her besties have already left school for the summer, and its left Maeve a little anxious and overly emotional.  I think a lot of it stems from that fateful day when I drug Maeve to the Seahawk Parade after they won the Superbowl.  When we were walking home from the bus, she said she needed to go to the bathroom.  Thinking that I'm mother of the year, I see that we're next to her new school and say we should go inside there and check it out, so that she will be able to see what it looks like.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  Well, you would be wrong when you learn that as we are walking into the school, the ENTIRE school (starting with the big kids) were running out the front door and nearly knocked her over.  They were preparing for their own Superbowl parade.  Well, that image of the big kids has stuck with Maeve.  Oops.  How was I to know??  

Regardless, I'm not worried about her transition at all.  She is extremely social and loves to be in cahoots with other friends (once she makes new ones).  She is motivated to learn and enjoys group activities... She has no idea how much she's actually going to love it yet.  

It is going to be weird and sad to say goodbye to our daycare center...  I'm mostly excited for Maeve and this new chapter she's starting, but I see why people are nostalgic too.  

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