Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alta Lake Camping

Its sad to know that as I write this post, a huge part of this region is currently under fire.  This camping trip was 6 weeks ago, and like our camping trip last year, it was awesome.  

Amy and I loaded the kids into her car and they were literally stuck there until we got to the camp ground.  Ha.  They were troopers though, and obviously, very excited to be going camping.  

 Here are our happy campers.

Beautiful Alta Lake 

Beach time!

You did not find me in the water... I'm a little too delicate for those chilly waters, but the kids enjoyed it for a bit. 

Sweet Clara.. 

Amy and Bennett 

This is what I'd like to call the 'chap-stick montage' 

'Yes, Maeve... you do look good' 

'Wanna kiss??' 

'Ha ha.... No, seriously?!' 

Well, we thought we were entertaining the kids just fine, until Brent showed up, complete with fishing poles and bait.... 

You might say that Brent, hook line and sunk the kids.  They were 'hooked' and fished for the rest of the weekend.

They were having so much fun, it apparently seemed like a good idea to start kissing the fish.  That was something else I chose NOT to participate in... 

Drinking coffee, hanging by the lake, thinking deep thoughts, and fishin'... 

The lake was FULL of fish.  The kids all caught multiple fish -- we even grilled them up at night and ate them.  Thanks Brent for enhancing their outdoor experience.

He even brought his scope.  Astrology lessons were had at night.  Who knows what they were looking at here... I was busy sitting in my chair watching Brent entertain them.  Ha.   

We decided to take the scenic route home.  Sometimes I feel so spoiled we live in this part of the world.

Friends and truly kindred spirits, those two...

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