Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stay Proud, Sweet Girl...

Me -"Maeve, can you share some of your beautiful brown skin?"

Maeve - "No, then I would just be plain pink!"

Tortoise and the Hare

I make reference to the tortoise and the hare quite a bit.  I know that the tortoise is more clever and outsmarts the hare, but I generally have used it as an example of how SLOW Maeve moves.  I mean, it is slower than slow.  But, the girl is clever, so it really does fit.  For example, as we were leaving the other day, I was impatiently urging her to buckle herself into her booster seat.  I told her she was moving like a tortoise.... at this point she claims she can't do it and needs my help.  So, with a deep sigh, I unbuckle, and get out of the driver's seat to get her sorted.  When I buckle her in, she excitedly chimes out, "Now you're the tortoise and I'm the hare!... I'm the first one buckled and you're last!"

The other morning I was asking her about swim lessons and this and that.  And, well, I know better, because she's not a morning person.  I am not either, but I had been up longer and was one coffee in, so I was in a better place than she was.  So, I said to her, "Okay, I've got one last question -- will you answer it?"  To which she replied - "No, because you just asked it".

Reality Check

Its a harsh world in our house.  Maeve doesn't hold back what she sees or thinks.  I support that, mostly, but lately I've been taking a hit.  My body has been on full attack.  A while ago she wanted to know why all adult bottoms wiggle.  She still constantly squeezes my arms and says, "squishy!".  There was a reference made to my chest, which I'll spare the blog.  Her newest assaults are the wrinkles on my forehead, and tonight she wouldn't sit still while I was reading her bedtime stories...  She was sitting in my lap and I asked her what was going on?  She responded that she was getting stung by my legs!  I guess I should've shaved this morning.  I'm not sure what's left....

Oh, btw... we went blueberry picking recently... and they were awesome!

4th of July Weekend...

We headed up to the 'ham for the holiday weekend.  Maeve is great friends with both Pax and Beck, but she and Beck are kindred spirits.  They just get each other... and get into a some mischief together too.  It is always great being with Cj and Lance...


Breakfast on the porch.  There is something to be said for smaller towns and the peacefulness of it all (while I listen to bass playing and car alarms going off right now.. ha) 

When in Rome...  We participated in the local bike parade.  It was SO great, and Maeve was inspired to ride her bike.  And, then she fell.  So, we're working on building up that confidence, again.  If she would just pedal faster than a geriatric patient, she might get up enough speed to not be knocked around by the road bumps and cracks.   

The bike parade ended at the park, complete with family friendly activities.  Unfortunately, for Maeve, no one was manning the face painting table.  Before you judge -- its harder than it looks.  Ha. 

Afternoon hang out at Mark and Misha's place... the perfect venue. 

I just wish Maeve would learn to relax... 

Crazy Yankees and their fireworks.   

Sweet Becks... 

Crazy Maeve and her momma.

Night Swimming...

I hear R.E.M in my head right now.  We have had a FANTASTIC summer in the Pacific Northwest this year...  

Lake Wenatchee Camping

Well, we had the Preschool graduation, and then Maeve had an impromptu sleepover at Ellie and Jake's house.  Which is why, you will see Maeve wearing that awesome outfit in another set of photos.  Ha.  Ellie and Maeve have become best friends this year in school.  An added bonus is that I really dig Ellie's parents too.  So, we decided we needed to camp together.  

The requisite campsite photo... 

Jake, Ellie, and Maeve act like siblings a lot of the time because they know each other so well.  All three of them are in the same class together.   

Maeve and I see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but we definitely go our separate ways when it comes to the roasting of the marshmallow.  I prefer mine the way it sounds -- roasted.  Nice and golden brown.  Maeve enjoys hers charred.  To each their own, I guess.  But, I'm right :-) 


Too bad Maeve doesn't like them.  Ha. 

To prove that there was a lake where we camped.  

And, then the highlight of the camping trip -- Horseback riding.   

Prom photo. 

 Obviously they are hovered around a big pile of horse poop.  Why wouldn't you?  Because then it gives you an excuse to laugh and talk about poop all day long.

And, proof that we went horseback riding... 

Group shot. 

Ellie LOVES horses... 

Maeve likes horses well enough... 

No, we are not buying you that horse.  

On our last day, we visited the fruit stand/market, complete with all sorts of kid activities.

The water balloon launch was a big hit by all 

Jake even hit the target - bullseye. 

Great friends. 

I've never really played ball with Maeve... this photo reminds me, maybe I should do that.  Poor kid. 

And the day is not complete until you've ridden the cow train.

I love this shot...

Maeve didn't want to feed the animals directly from her hand... although she really did want to.  I had to take it for the team and feed the animals directly from my hand even though I didn't really want to.  Yuck.

Sugar loaded up those kids before we hit the road....

Preschool Graduation

Well, now its obvious that I'm operating at about a 4 week delay.....

About a month ago, Maeve graduated from Preschool.  I mean, she's still going through the summer, but now as alumni.  Ha.  And, the irony wasn't lost on me that my fashionista, who dresses to the nines most days, chose to look like a ragamuffin on her 'Graduation Day'.  Nope, could not get her to follow along with the nautical theme.  Nope, couldn't convince her to look like she made an effort... It was her prerogative as to what she wore, and she choose the opposite of what she figured I wanted.  Ha.  So classic.  I mean, I really don't care, I just find the humor in it all, and I also see the foreshadowing of years ahead.

So proudly stepping forward when her name was called. 

She loves her teacher, Erin. 

The graduate, and her 'diploma' 

Some of her besties -- Lumia and Ellie with Teacher Erin.

 Another favorite teacher -- DJ

 All the goofy graduates.

Maeve is gearing up for kindergarten in the fall, but don't really bring it up -- she's not going.  So she says.  I used to pooh-pooh people in years past when I heard them give so much attention to their kids going to kindergarten.  Its kindergarten, people.... seriously.  And now that I've got a child heading into kindergarten, I'm like, 'ooohhhhhhh... now I get it'.  Ha.  Its a huge change in these little kids worlds.  Her daycare is the only thing Maeve has known since she was 8 months old.  She is a queen bee, and everyone knows her.  Now there's all this chatter about leaving, some of her besties have already left school for the summer, and its left Maeve a little anxious and overly emotional.  I think a lot of it stems from that fateful day when I drug Maeve to the Seahawk Parade after they won the Superbowl.  When we were walking home from the bus, she said she needed to go to the bathroom.  Thinking that I'm mother of the year, I see that we're next to her new school and say we should go inside there and check it out, so that she will be able to see what it looks like.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  Well, you would be wrong when you learn that as we are walking into the school, the ENTIRE school (starting with the big kids) were running out the front door and nearly knocked her over.  They were preparing for their own Superbowl parade.  Well, that image of the big kids has stuck with Maeve.  Oops.  How was I to know??  

Regardless, I'm not worried about her transition at all.  She is extremely social and loves to be in cahoots with other friends (once she makes new ones).  She is motivated to learn and enjoys group activities... She has no idea how much she's actually going to love it yet.  

It is going to be weird and sad to say goodbye to our daycare center...  I'm mostly excited for Maeve and this new chapter she's starting, but I see why people are nostalgic too.  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

All Star Softball Classic

We spent a really fun afternoon at the All Star Softball Classic charity game at Safeco Field... but what really stood out to me was -- I need to do a much better job at hiding the hand-me-down clothes bin so that Maeve can't reach back in and grab out the too small clothes.  I mean, look at her...  

We had front row seats, which was fun, and we spent the afternoon with Mel and Peyton.  All good things.  Blitz came over to say hello... Great day at the ballpark.

Not Quite PG Playlists...

So, a huge turn of events have happened in our car.  Maeve will actually ask to listen to my music.  That hasn't happened in..... well ever, in her whole lifetime.  So, to say that I am excited, is a bit of an understatement.  I happily obliged and quickly realized that I needed to do a little censoring of my playlists.  The girl is perceptive and hears everything... I used to think, pre-Maeve era, if I'm going to buy a song, I will buy the original version, since that was how it was intended and who was I to mess with art.  Well, I wish I realized that little ears would be listening to these songs many years later.  So there are certain songs like Blurred Lines and Booty Call that automatically get skipped now.

Fast forward to this morning.  I put on a U2 concert DVD and Maeve is paying attention to it... I guess she thinks that Bono sounds like G Love (interesting... I'm failing as a parent) and turns to me... 'Oh my gosh, if he sings "Booby Call" we're totally going to have to skip it!'

Less is More... Excuse me, More is More...

Maeve picked out the fanciest scooter for her birthday... and it turns out, she competes with it for the most sparkle when she's out and about.  Its hard to make out on this photo, but the she has glitter on her shoes, skirt, and purse.  Sunglasses were needed for sure....

This day just cracked me up too, since it was about 85 degrees F when we were out, so Ugg's were definitely a good choice.  And, if you look closely, you'll see her headband stuck in her helmet on top.  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize is the name of the game.  Ha.

Alta Lake Camping

Its sad to know that as I write this post, a huge part of this region is currently under fire.  This camping trip was 6 weeks ago, and like our camping trip last year, it was awesome.  

Amy and I loaded the kids into her car and they were literally stuck there until we got to the camp ground.  Ha.  They were troopers though, and obviously, very excited to be going camping.  

 Here are our happy campers.

Beautiful Alta Lake 

Beach time!

You did not find me in the water... I'm a little too delicate for those chilly waters, but the kids enjoyed it for a bit. 

Sweet Clara.. 

Amy and Bennett 

This is what I'd like to call the 'chap-stick montage' 

'Yes, Maeve... you do look good' 

'Wanna kiss??' 

'Ha ha.... No, seriously?!' 

Well, we thought we were entertaining the kids just fine, until Brent showed up, complete with fishing poles and bait.... 

You might say that Brent, hook line and sunk the kids.  They were 'hooked' and fished for the rest of the weekend.

They were having so much fun, it apparently seemed like a good idea to start kissing the fish.  That was something else I chose NOT to participate in... 

Drinking coffee, hanging by the lake, thinking deep thoughts, and fishin'... 

The lake was FULL of fish.  The kids all caught multiple fish -- we even grilled them up at night and ate them.  Thanks Brent for enhancing their outdoor experience.

He even brought his scope.  Astrology lessons were had at night.  Who knows what they were looking at here... I was busy sitting in my chair watching Brent entertain them.  Ha.   

We decided to take the scenic route home.  Sometimes I feel so spoiled we live in this part of the world.

Friends and truly kindred spirits, those two...