Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sounding Things Out...

Maeve has been VERY busy at her craft table... I should really be taking pictures of how much of a disaster her 'creative space' can sometimes look.  She's so busy drawing, painting, glueing, cutting... its fun to watch.  Its her own little montessori space.  So, craft projects have been happening galore.  She is also writing a lot too.  About a month or so ago I noticed that she wasn't just asking me how to spell things, she is starting to sound out some words on her own... In this note below she's saying Happy Mother's... (I think 'day' got lost somewhere), but I was impressed with this next step in reading and writing.  Obviously, there is some work ahead of us.. but, it was the first step.


And, she's been drawing a lot of girls lately with big pony tails...  This isn't a good example, but the other thing she's started to do is work on her lowercase letters.  Good work, Maeve :-)

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