Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prima Ballerina

Today was the big, 'final performance'... watching week arrived, finally.  All morning she asked when we were going... very excited.  Only to be extremely nervous and shy for the first 10 minutes or so.  She finally broke through the nerves and had a great time showing off her stuff to Annie and myself.

 Prepping in the mirror before we left...

Showing off her moves...

The parent participation part...  I looked awesome, btw. 

Showing off her good listening skills.  Ha. 

Dosey doe's in ballet class.  Ha 

Umm.  She's just cute.

Receiving her flowers from Annie... Maeve was most interested in the package of M&M's Annie brought her.  Annie knows Maeve's love language, that's for sure.


Carol Stoner said...

Love your blog, Shauna! Maeve (and you) are so cute! Love, Carol

teco kumpul said...
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