Sunday, June 1, 2014

North of the Border...

For the rest of the long weekend, we ventured north to celebrate and spend time with friends and family.  It was busy, and we ping ponged a little bit, but it was a great time and we got to see all our favorite people.

Mike took Maeve on a special date - Godfather/Goddaughter date.  They have a special relationship and its fun to watch. 

We went to the May Day parade with Todd and Stacy too.  Maeve thought it was even better than Halloween, I think, because they were literally giving her handfuls of candy... she didn't even need to work for it.  Ha.  (And, here is Maeve with her new umbrella - it was the only thing she asked for and it was her favorite gift).

We spent the day with my Dad and Lynn, which turned out to be a great biking day for Maeve.  Maeve has been nervous about biking this year because she took a fall last year while we were in Arizona... so, biking part of the seawall and around lost lagoon to downtown was a big success. 

You can't beat Vancouver on a beautiful day... 

Maeve was so proud of her biking... and wanted to remind everyone that she is now 5.  Ha. 

We took a moment to play at the playground at second beach... 

Lost Lagoon was a nature tour -- all the animals were out. 

We saw turtles, ducks, chicks, geese, goslings, and swans... probably more.  I can't remember.   

After having a birthday lunch at White Spot, we ventured back to Grandma and Grandpa's place.  I think Maeve and I both need to go on a diet now after all the celebrations!  Ha.

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