Sunday, June 1, 2014

Birthday week

Let's just say, after all was said and done, Maeve and I were both exhausted after birthday week...  Phew.  The big anticipated birthday party took place the week before her actual birthday, so it set off the cascade of fun.  Maeve decided on a "Paint the Town" and Menchies party.  She invited eleven of her good buddies, and they all happily painted and ate frozen yogurt.  I think it was a hit.

The painting crew... concentrating hard on their art. 

Maeve was so happy 'creating'... 

Chaos in Menchies... but in a good way.   

The birthday princess.  A happy birthday princess. 

And then, later in the week Maeve's birthday was celebrated at her preschool.... 

Maeve requested dirt cake.  It was most definitely a big hit... worms and all. 

And over her birthday weekend she was celebrated 3 separate times...

Gran and Pop partied it up... 

And we celebrated again at Ann and Mike's (yes, she's wearing a skirt as a dress...)

And, this is about how we felt after birthday weekend was over.  It was fun and Maeve felt celebrated... she is really 5 now.

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