Sunday, May 11, 2014

She Keeps Working It...

So, I don't even try to persuade Maeve on what she should wear.  Excuse me, my bad -- there was a day recently when it was forecasted to be 80 degrees F and I suggested that a ball gown, complete with petticoat, was not a smart outfit choice, especially when she had a garden class and planned water activities at school.  Then imagine, if you will, an almost five year old explode into a ball of tears, at which point I realized, that I don't care.  Fine, be hot and bothered, its not my body and I won't even be there to witness it.  Off to school you go :-)  Ha.  

Obviously, here she is eating pumpkin pie at 6am... because when there is pie in the house, its fair game for breakfast.  And, yes, I'm well aware that its not pumpkin pie season, but we don't like to be limited by cultural norms :-)

There are days though, where I'm flat out amused.  This day, for example.  Shorts and legwarmers.  I loved it when she forced her socked feet into her flip flops and off we went to the store...  Way to commit to your own personal style, Maeve...

Oh, and the bows.... gag me, but she loves them.  So, she accessorizes often.  Sadly, she's starting to have opinions as to what she wants her hair to look like... Either its something that I cannot accomplish, or its some sort of princess style... which requires one to have 20 feet of straight hair (and her imagination is so good that the vision is there, so why can't her mom execute it??).  So, she's often pleased with the outcome.  ha.

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