Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend...

I had a perfectly great weekend.  Stacy and Taryn came down on Friday night... which is always fun.  Hallelujah Todd married Stacy, as she is so needed with both Todd and I.  We need someone to put a fire under us sometimes... we are easily convinced that its 5 o'clock somewhere and therefore the work day has ended.  Right?  Ha ha.  Anyway, we conquered the backyard and installed my new 'garden of herbs, salads, and strawberries off my deck.  Stacy doesn't like her picture taken, and because I want her to come back and help me again, I'm not going to post them... but, I'm not kidding, she scrubbed my deck clean, cleaned out my gutters, removed large plants out of the backyard, went nursery shopping with me, and helped me install the baskets.  She is a rock star :-) Taryn was pretty awesome too -- she and Maeve had an adventure at the Science Center, baked us treats, and then made us breakfast this morning.  Ahhhh... my first born niece is all grown up.

Last night we went out for Ethiopian food and gorged ourselves.  It was sooo good. 

And, then managed to make ourselves feel really sick by eating the best ice cream for dessert -- Molly Moon, of course.  So good. 

  You know how you never know what you'll find in your jacket pockets whenever there is a little person around.  Well, I found one of her make up brushes, which she quickly snatched back up again and put it in her hair band for safe keeping.  Ha ha.  (Yes, Amy... that is Clara's headband.  Apparently, Maeve is taking klepto lessons from Clara now.  Ha)

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