Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Impromptu Visit...

Ann, Kaya, and Zane came down on Thursday night on very short notice... and it was the best.  Maeve was so excited to be told that her friends were waiting for her at home...  How fun.  We spent a good part of the day at the zoo... and it was great.  We take the zoo for granted since we live close by and visit all the time, usually only for an hour or two, but because it was Kaya and Zane's first visit, we said a proper 'hello' to all the animals.  I forgot that it is Spring Break for most of the kids, so the zoo was packed yesterday... but, it was almost as if the animals knew they had a major audience and they were all awake and showing off.  The gang left early this morning, but it was so fun to have them down for as long as we had them. 

Looking for the penguins... 

The brown bears were wrestling in the water.  I wish we had captured the moment when they fell right up on the glass and all the kids jumped back. 

My little turtle.. 

The peacock was showing off too... 

'What color are my lips??  Take a picture and show me!' 

The gang...  Do you love Maeve's ensemble?  That's all her.

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