Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow Day...

...and it was on a weekend!  That never happens.  I mean, we rarely get snow in town, but I'm usually always working when the flakes actually stick to the ground.  So fun.  But, because I'm no rookie, whenever it snows, the temperature usually spikes and it never lasts long.  So, we got out early and spent a few hours playing.  As I was loading her into the car, Maeve says, "But, mom... we haven't had breakfast yet!".  I told Maeve there was no time to spare and threw her a breakfast bar to eat en route to the sledding hill.  Ha.

"Oooh'ing and Ahhh'ing" at the snow that greeted us this morning... 

We borrowed a church's lawn and built us a snowman. 

Meet Ted. 

 We had to go check on Ted a couple of times today to see how he was doing...

Our sledding destination --  Gas Works Park.  

We weren't the only ones with this plan... Maeve had a great time. 

Very gray, but beautiful Seattle.  Of course there were kayakers out enjoying the winter wonderland too. 

This girl is trouble -- she kept trying to nail me with snowballs.  If her Uncle Todd was with her today, he would've introduced her to 'the face wash'.  I was kinder... although, I thought about it.  Ha.

Completed our outdoor fun with a stop by the doughnut shop.  The rest of the day was lounging around the house and cheering on the Olympians.  

We were supposed to go skiing today with Kathleen and Elizabeth again, but the pass and predicted forecast didn't seem worth taking the littles on the hill.  The effort may not have equaled the reward.  But, I have to say, it was a nice change to play in the snow just outside our own doorstep instead.

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