Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I do love our little winter ritual... skiing every weekend.  Maeve is coming along great... she has a lot of confidence on the hill and is turning and skiing really well.  Because we're very much on the 'reward system' to keep things fun and attitudes positive, I had to amend some of the rules and regulations.  Making Maeve an independent skier is a huge goal -- that means, getting her skis clicked in by herself, and also, getting up once she's fallen down by herself, are the objectives.  She can accomplish both those feats about half the time.  But, what I started seeing was Maeve 'falling', just because.  She wanted her reward for getting up on her own... Rascal.  So, now there is a reward system in place that she gets an extra jelly bean at the bottom of the hill if there are no falls.  Working like a charm... she rarely falls now.  

Maeve is getting bored with skiing just with me - she wants her friends.  Thankfully Elizabeth has picked up skiing really quickly and the girls were able to ski half the time together this past weekend.  Super fun, and super motivating for the both of them.   

Elizabeth, Kathleen, and Maeve 

"Oh wait, let me give you a jelly bean if you agree to smile for the picture" 


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