Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Seahawks Fever...

Seattle is one happy place these days...  The build up to the Super Bowl was SO fun.  Everyone was talking about the big game, and continues to talk about it now that we won.  What was really fun was how the city just came together, whether or not you were a big football fan or not, it was more about cheering on your own...  the 12th man.  There are so many 12th man flags, signs, buildings with strategic office lights on, all around the city -- it has become a game for Maeve to spot them as we're driving.  

Geared up... ready for the game.

Because I'm no rookie, I invited Anna and Erin to come over with their sweet girls, Lucy and Sela so that Maeve would be fully occupied for the game (Single Mom's club... Girls Rule).  Maeve's Seahawks shirt didn't last long, but they showed their pride through balloon colors...  They were 12th man, princess style (with multiple costume changes throughout the evening). 

 Three beautiful friends...  We are all so lucky to have each other.

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