Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I got hit with the stomach flu yesterday... super fun.  But, it was even more fun trying to parent today with an extremely exuberant child who was none too pleased that I wasn't in tip top shape to play with her all day.  And, how I cursed my house rule of no TV or electronics Monday-Friday today.  I considered breaking the rule, but I didn't want to deal with the ramifications, or the begging to break the rule again some other day...  so, I held my ground.  I am well aware that Maeve is only young once, and because generally, there is no one else to share our time with, I tend to play with her a lot and give her undivided attention.  I'm sure its single child syndrome -- she doesn't want to play alone.  I get that.  But, doesn't that come to bite you when you don't feel like doing that... Thankfully I don't get this type of sick very often.

Maeve is so fun... and so exhausting at the same time.  I'm pretty sure I'll be an alcoholic by the time we reach the teens -- I'm just not sure what my drink of choice will be.  Ha ha.  Man, does she like to press the boundaries and see what she can get away with.  She has a very strong personality and a flair for the dramatics... and never.stops.moving....ever.  She has embraced the whine again.  It is the thing that can send me from zero to sixty instantaneously, and she knows it... (as I count quietly in my head to try to remain cool, calm, and collected... it doesn't always work).  But, at the same time she is so full of joy and energy.  She is always exuberant, full of wonder, loves to be praised, super inquisitive, imaginative, and loves to be in cahoots with her friends.  I love seeing who this little girl is turning into.

I had to write down what she said the other day as it made me stop in my tracks and laugh out loud.  I realized recently that I should teach Maeve how to call 911 so I put our address and phone number on the fridge, in case she needed to call for help for some reason.  Well, I was denying her a snack at this particular moment (because, Lord have mercy, there is NO WAY she is hungry ALL the time), and she was upset with me.  So, in response she said, "Well, I'm not going to call the number that you told me to unless you let me have a gogurt".   When she feels an emotion its there for the world to witness.  Now, don't think that my child is heartless... as I do believe she would, in fact, call 911 for me, it is just a glimpse of how her emotions get the best of her sometimes. (In fact, she asked if she should call the police for me today because my stomach didn't feel very well... phew).

And then there's the complete smothering side of her.  She LOVES to snuggle.  I love it too... most of the time.  She somehow finds her way into my room at some point in the middle of night or late morning (equipped with her flashlight and water bottle... we have quite the little routine happening).  Its like we're an old married couple sometimes.  She has her side of the bed (which she doesn't stick to, I might add) and she wants to share my pillow most of the time... to which I point out that she has her own.  She snuggles up so much that sometimes I find her on top of me, even when I'm trying to escape.  Ha.

Maeve, its a good thing that I love you so much, because you're trouble... in the best possible sense ;-)

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