Sunday, January 19, 2014


We have season passes for our local hill.  Last weekend we tried to use them for the first time -- snow in the mountains has been very dismal this year, but JUST enough stuck around for opening weekend to finally occur.... Woot woot.

 So, we got up early and loaded the car with our gear last Sunday (Maeve even insisted on wearing her helmet in the car... gotta be ready at a moment's notice, right?) and off we went to pick up Kathleen and Elizabeth to make our way to the pass.

And, we were denied with a capital "D".  On the way out of town we noticed some traffic advisory signs that informed us the pass was closed.  What?!  So, thankfully we were aware of this pivotal information before we got stuck in the long line of traffic that we saw via WDOT webcams.  Plan B - Head to Top Pot Doughnut and have a play date instead.  To be honest, it was wet and stormy, and I wasn't totally excited about how that was all going to pan out anyway.

Take 2.  Beautiful sunny day on the mountain today.  (The city never got out of its cloud today, so its always fun to find the good weather).  The girls were excited to get skiing.  Elizabeth did excellent on her first day of skiing.  And, Maeve did fantastic on the hill.  We warmed up our legs on a couple of magic carpet rides, but then just skied the beginner chairs all morning.

Maeve didn't want to ski too much initially due to the classic, 'my legs are too tired' line (I started skiing when I was 2, so I remember some of my own shenanigans.... I'm on to you, Maeve), so we went in and had a hot chocolate and sandwich.  Although, I thought we wouldn't have to resort to sweet tart bribes again this year (because I know she didn't get them in ski school at Big White), but it seemed to be the ticket to a turn in motivation and a super fun day was had on the slopes afterall.  Fine, I can invest in sweet tarts if it makes skiing fun.  Done. 

Such a ham.  I'm so proud of her still... she's one of those mini skiers that are just adorable to watch.  Well, at least I think so.  I may be a bit bias ;-)  Oh, and my absolute favorite thing that she does now while skiing is ski with her tongue sticking out - like a little puppy dog... I tried to capture it, but she was skiing too fast.  So cute.  Also, leave her standing or sitting in snow for longer than 30 seconds, and she will reach down and start eating the snow... every time.  I thought it worth while teaching her the importance of looking at the color of the snow first.  Ha.

So, we left the mountain early afternoon and were home in plenty of time to watch Seattle beat the 49'ers.  It was such a great and stressful game.  Congratulations, Hawks... we'll see you at the Super Bowl! (well, in a matter of speaking... from my couch, that is)

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