Sunday, November 3, 2013


Well, it was so predictable what Maeve chose to be this year -- a Princess.  Gag me.  But, on the other hand, great, we have that costume already.  Check.  The other day Annie took Maeve out on a date.  Maeve was wearing regular clothing when she left, and came home wearing this... complete with sparkly purple shoes.  Apparently she needed a Halloween costume.  Ha.

Whatever.  I don't actually even care anymore.  I laugh at my stubborn ignorance that I could control whether or not my child liked princesses... And, her infatuation with princesses goes well beyond 'like'. 'So what', I've decided.  Let her state to the world that her future aspiration is to be a princess -- I can still teach her other values and virtues on the side.... maybe ;-)

We had a great Halloween.  Four is such a fun age... I wish I could've captured the absolute glee, the skipping and running from house to house, and the excitement around it all.  Pretty darn cute.

'I will rule the world....' 

Most of the trick-or-treating gang... 

Photo op between houses... Don't pose or anything, Maeve.  Ha 

She was so excited... 

The last two standing...  (and, Happy Birthday Avery!) 

Eating her loot.  She went to town before I finally cut her off... but it was a major sugar bolus, because, well, Halloween only happens once and year and I think you should be able to binge (and thankfully there was no purging, although the risk was rather high)... and now I'm eating the rest of it because she still doesn't know that the candy doesn't magically disappear once Halloween is all over.  Perfectly played, I say.

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Karen Gerstenberger said...

Adorable. I think I use that word alot when commenting here, but it keeps coming up - it's appropriate!