Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just Hopping Along...

I am happy to report that our first week with the responsibility chart and second family meeting have gone extremely well.  It seems to be a great system for her.  She loves positive reinforcement (I mean, who doesn't... but she REALLY likes it), and reminding her to choose a different behavior to keep the star on her chart worked perfectly.  I have also shuffled things around in the kitchen in order to make her more independent, which has been great too.  She loves being a 'big kid' now.

Maeve is growing up so fast... and its so fun to chat with her and find out what she's thinking.  The thing that makes her the most happy are her friends, and her family falls in a close second.  Ha.  She's going to be trouble as she loves to be in cahoots with her buddies and dies laughing when her gaggle of friends are doing something together or being slightly naughty.  Uh oh.  Her expressions are hilarious these days too.  Here are a few things that she's spouting these days:

  • "Oopsey Doopsey"
  • "I know that already!" (No, she actually didn't...)
  • If I ask her a question, any question, she will often start her answers with "Of course [fill in the blank]" 
  • "Do Princesses wear underwear??"
  • "I'm the leader!!" or "I said it first, right mom?!"  Competitive, anyone?
  • "Now we need to go fancy or posh-like, mom"  (Fancy Nancy is still a strong influence.  Ha).
Never a dull moment and I'm loving all of it.  I hesitate to say this, but she has become far more reasonable and rational now that she's a little bit older.  I mean, we still have our moments, but far less.  Yay for 4!

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