Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Playing Playing Playing...

And, I'm a bit exhausted at the moment.  But, I best put our adventures down before time gets away from me.  We had 3 trips in 9 days, because we can't waste a single second of time off of work and nice weather.  We headed north for a couple of nights...  managed some quick visits with friends and family, and even saw Maeve's new cousin, Alex for the first time.  She's sweet...  Maeve got 'bike-ready' and we hopped on the bike to stay at my brother's for the night.  We haven't biked as much as I'd hoped this summer because we've been gone so much, so we thought we'd bring the bike with us this time.  Hallelujah for dusting off the road bike, but I need to get into some form of shape again...  (I type this as I'm in complete loaf mode... ah, another day.  ha).

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