Monday, July 29, 2013


Maeve is always thrilled when we have friends come to visit... I mean, she is almost, flat out, annoyed when we have don't have someone over for a sleep-over, or dinner at least.  Ann ventured south with Kaya and Zane for a quick visit and it was super fun.  We had a surprise visit from our childhood friend, Tilly, who is normally living in New Zealand with her husband and three girls.  But, in classic style, she called from the road saying that she and a girlfriend, along with six of their kids, were on a road trip from San Fran to Vancouver and had been traveling/camping for the last week and were due to pass through Seattle in a couple of hours... could we play for a few hours?  Ummm... yes, obviously.  How fun!

So, here was the gang traveling north, along with Ann, Kaya, Zane and Maeve.  I swear they were like a clown car with all 8 of them piled in for a nice cozy drive.  I love how game they are for spontaneity and adventure.

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