Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swimming Fool...

Well, we're working on it anyway.  The girl is a complete fish.  LOVES the water and spends about 75% of the time with her head under water.  She is working on coordinating the arms and kicking to swim for any real distance, but she's totally working on it and making progress.  She loves to dive for things, do 'handstands' and somersaults, and jump in the pool.  She has been getting some private lessons from her beloved, Maudry, also - thanks to the Annie and Dan.   She has a sweet gig happening through her daycare too.  Monday-Thursday, for the month of July, they walk the kids down to the neighboring pool for swim lessons... so, obviously I signed her up and she's loving it.  I mean, I don't want to brag, but Maeve went from Minnow 1 straight to Minnow 3... so advanced.  Ha ha.  I love that she's getting so much exposure.  I'm a horrible swimmer, so I'd like to remedy that through Maeve.  

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