Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Solid Work.... Ha

I'm sure her artistic skills are telling about the kind of person Maeve is... She cracks me up.  Not interested in the details, at all.  I wish I had taken a picture several weeks ago of Bennett and Maeve's separate coloring book pages and the dramatic contrast between the two artists.  Bennett could not have been more meticulous.  Maeve focused more on a generalized theme (aka scribbling colors and not caring about the lines at all).  Both spent the same amount of time and effort, and were both proud of their work.  I was dying...  And, then I come across this on the wall at her school...  ha ha.

Maybe I should show her what the American flag looks like?

A friend of mine at work was recently telling me a story about her youngest daughter to contrast the differences between her and her oldest daughter, who is essentially a stereo-typical type A personality.  Her youngest daughter was given a homework assignment to write a report on a famous or historical person (something like that, anyway), and her daughter decided to pick Amelia Earhart solely due to the fact that she died young and figured she didn't have to write as much.  I have a feeling that may be Maeve in the future.  'Work smarter, not harder'...  and 'good enough' works just fine.  Time will tell....  :-)

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