Saturday, July 13, 2013

Everyday Life...

 I like to jot down funny things Maeve says or does so I don't forget....  Here is the latest collection:

Maeve has started to tell little fibs here and there, and so I'm trying to keep the girl honest.  When she's adamant about something she's telling me, she often says, "For real, Mom.  That's the real truth".

She is still all about pink.  She wants her room to be painted pink.  There have been several nights where the girl is stuck on repeat -- I can hear her yelling from her room after I've put her to bed, "I still want my room pink, I still want my room pink, I still want my room pink......."  and "Mooooooooooom, I NEED my room pink".  One night it went on for over 25 minutes.

We were driving by farms and the hay was bailed in big rolls and covered with a white plastic -- Maeve looked out and said, "Wow!  Look at the big marshmallows"

When we drive by farms and she sees the animals out, she rolls down her window and either yells their particular animal sound back at them, or shouts and waves 'hi' at them.

"My tummy says that I want to play with your phone".

"I want to play on the iPad.  I don't want a stinky person in the house".  (Ummm... okay).

"Oh nuts!"

We were moments away from talking to the border guard to enter into Canada and Maeve declares that she wants her name to be Emily instead.  Good timing Maeve, I mean, Emily.

"Poopy is the baddest word in the whole wide world.  Flowers are the most beautiful things in the whole wide world".

"I've never been so bored before" (sitting at the table being forced to finish her lunch).

And, I finally got it -- "I want to live with a different mom".  Sorry kiddo.  You're stuck with me :-)

We're actually in a good spot again... its so fun when I'm not trying to navigate through a particularly difficult phase.  I'll enjoy the lull... for now.  Ha

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