Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alta Lake Camping Trip...

Our first official camping trip of the summer.  It was great.  We went with CJ, Lance, Pax, and Beckett... and the kids could not be more thrilled.  Maeve is going to be so disappointed when fall rolls back around and we don't have these fun adventures every weekend still.

Things that happened during the weekend --

Maeve loves all aspects of camping except bugs and the questionably clean bathrooms.  When we arrived, and had a chance to scope out the bathroom, she quickly declared that she would not go potty all weekend.  Obviously that did not happen and she bucked up.

I loved hearing the kids literally howl with laughter while they sat together in their camping chairs.  Of course, upon further investigation as to the hilarious topic?  Potty talk.  Never gets old, apparently. 

"Tank Top Party" -- the kids and Lance were card carrying members.

Sunday morning skinny dipping (the kids).  Anything goes...

On our drive home I had to make an emergency stop on the side of the highway to take care of a bug that was ready to strike Maeve dead, apparently.  I mean, I practically needed a magnifying glass to see the cute critter... Little did she know that I had various larger bugs crawling up my leg throughout our journey home.  Can you just imagine how high pitched those screams would have been?

Great time.  Great friends.  We are lucky.

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