Friday, June 7, 2013

Neighborhood Carnival...

After the epic dance performance this morning, Maeve and I endured a straight 6 hours of hair time to achieve our summer 'do.  Maeve was very patient and I'm pretty sure I killed some of her brain cells today as she watched 5.5 hours of movies and TV all in one sitting.  My back is sore, but all in all, I think she looks pretty darn cute, and hopefully it will last a long time :-)

We headed to a neighborhood school carnival tonight and had a great time.  Maeve even exclaimed that this was a "great party".  We ran into Steph, Karl, Anna, and Peter while we were down there, so that made both of us happy to spend the rest of the evening with them.  I'm just going to consider today a write-off as far as our nutritional intake... particularly Maeve's.  

The fire fighters showed up with their engine, pulled out their hoses, and the kids got to soak other kids.  How much fun is that?  Maeve was super giddy waiting in line for her turn.  I can tell that this summer is going to be so great because what a fun age!  Four comes with its own set of challenges, but she is so into everything that we're doing and with sheer excitement.  Fun times.

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